Pink Bunnies

What would you do if you saw a big pink bunny on the sidewalk? Yeah,we find it hard to look away too. Our bunnies draw crowds. In 2010,bunnies registered 1,052 people across the state of Montana.

Some people ask us,"Why Pink Bunnies?" We say "Why not?".

Here at Forward Montana Foundation,we’ve got a different approach to politics - frankly,it’s just plain fun.

Our bunnies are democracy ninjas. They bring the people of Montana joy,hope,and a chance to do things differently - with a smile. We hope our bunnies put a spring in your step and a little empowerment in your pocket. Because when you register to vote - you become a bunny.

Why fight it? Every bunny’s doing it.

You’re likely here because a sunny volunteer wearing bunny ears asked you to pledge to vote. Well good for you!

This page is a simple resource for Montana voters. Here,you can check your MT registration status,or print a blank MT voter registration application.


This information and more,can be found on the secretary of state website

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